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Welcome to is the website of Container Trades Statistics Ltd (CTS).

CTS is the exclusive agent of World Liner Data Limited (WLDL), promoting and selling data on its behalf.

The WLDL database is derived from data supplied by many of the world's major container shipping lines.  CTS uses the TEU data provided to estimate total trade volumes for 447 global trades.  Some 700 Aggregated Price Indices are also available for Dry and Reefer containers.

Key Features:

  • Global database of 447 sub-regions grouped under 7 main regions
  • Monthly TEU volumes and price indices for each trade
  • Volumes broken out by regions, sub-regions, countries and ports
  • Dry/Reefer container type split
  • Historical data available from 2008

Availability of Data:

  • Data available within a time lag of one month
  • Reports available in HTML and Excel format
  • The website is available to subscribers 24 hours a day by password protected log-in

Currently CTS provides data to:

  • World Liner Data Ltd,
  • The Shipping Press
  • Stock market analysts/banks
  • Shipbrokers
  • Shippers
  • Ports and Terminals
  • The legal profession
  • Government Agencies
  • Academia